About WebSmith Guy

Simply put, We're a highly skilled web-based programming company.

Hi, I’m Kyle Smith

Hello, I am the owner of WebSmith Guy. I have more than 10 years overall of professional programming experience and I have seen a lot of things change in the world of the web. I keep updated with the newest and best programming languages and platforms and I personally manage every project we create.


Lead Programmer


The key to a great online experience begins with professional level design. Have you ever visited a website and wondered how long ago it must have been made to look so outdated? Don't let people say that about your website. We can provide you with professional design talent so your website will speak your brand.


Do you have a plan for your website? Let’s get you on track with your goals. It doesn't matter if you want to sell 10 products or are expanding a cart system of thousands of products. Maybe you just want leads generated 24 hours a day. I can help you develop a great plan to reach all your website goals.


Quality is the main ingredient in all of my projects. I bring expert level programming to your project. This means that if you can dream it then I can program it for you. This also means that I complete jobs quickly because of my experience I can program very fast. This will save you money in the long run.

Mobile Friendly

It's no secret that today there are hundreds of millions more mobile internet users than desktop. Are you catering to all of these customers? If not you might not only lose customers to your competition, you could also be losing your search engine rank. Making sure your website is "mobile friendly" is a requirement now.

How we work

1 Unlike other development companies, I can get your project moving right away. This means that your completed project will be delivered quicker. We will begin with an informal interview to discuss your business culture and your website goals. This will allow us to develop your website around these two areas.

2 The bulk of the project will be done in this step. This is where we will supply you with a professional custom design for you. Once you like it and approve the design then we will begin development. I will turn those flat images into a fully functioning website that looks just like the proof you accepted. This means there are no surprises when you see the final product.

3 The last phase is mainly approval and testing. I will put your new website online for you to review. At this time we will also be testing multiple platforms and ensure it meets your expectations on each of them. Once you approve the website then I will place it on your web host server for you. Then you can enjoy having a 24 hour open storefront online!